In the coming months we will add here links to FITS files with the derived stellar kinematics and stellar mean ages, metallicities and [α/Fe] enhancements across all TIMER galaxies. Stay tuned!

The first galaxy observed with MUSE in the context of the TIMER survey was NGC 4371. This has led to a publication in 2015 (A&A 584, 90) and the fully reduced data cube is available upon request.

In ESO period P97 (April-September, 2016) we obtained data for another 18 galaxies. Here's a family portrait of all TIMER galaxies currently being worked on. It includes another two galaxies with archival MUSE data. The total TIMER sample is comprised of 24 galaxies, so we still need MUSE data for the remaining three galaxies.

TIMER sample family portrait

And here's a closer look at the fields covered by our MUSE pointings (the MUSE field of view is the inner green trapezoid).

A closer look at the TIMER sample family portrait
A closer look at the TIMER sample family portrait