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The MUSE TIMER project


Here we make available FITS images corresponding to the maps derived by the TIMER collaboration for the 21 nearby, massive barred galaxies studied so far within the TIMER project. Currently, there are three categories of maps available here for download: maps of the parameters derived to fit the stellar kinematics, and maps of the mean stellar population properties, both light-weighted and mass-weighted. Single tar.gz files are available, each including the maps for all the 21 galaxies.

The stellar kinematics maps correspond to v, σ, h3, h4 and v/σ. See Gadotti et al. (2020) for details.

The stellar population maps correspond to age, metallicity (M/H) and alpha-enhancement (α/Fe). See Bittner et al. (2020) for details.

Stellar Kinematicsall_kin.tar.gz

Stellar Populations (light): all_pops_light.tar.gz

Stellar Populations (mass)all_pops_mass.tar.gz


If you make use of these maps, please quote the corresponding paper(s) above and our Paper I (Gadotti et al. 2019). You are more than welcome to contact us, should you need any help.

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