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The MUSE TIMER project

TIMER Publications

  • Martín-Navarro, I. et al., 2024, A&A 648, A110: The universal variability of the stellar initial mass function probed by the TIMER survey (arXiv:2312.13355)

  • de Sá-Freitas, C. et al., 2023, A&A 678, 202: Disc galaxies are still settling: Discovery of the smallest nuclear discs and their young stellar bars (arXiv:2308.04482)

  • de Sá-Freitas, C. et al., 2023, A&A 671, 8: A new method for age-dating the formation of bars in disc galaxies. The TIMER view on NGC1433's old bar and the inside-out growth of its nuclear disc (arXiv:2211.07670)

  • Bittner, A. et al., 2021, A&A 646, 42Galaxies within galaxies in the TIMER survey: stellar populations of inner bars are scaled replicas of main bars (arXiv:2012.04661)

  • Rosado-Belza, D. et al., 2020, A&A 644, 116The kinematics of young and old stellar populations in nuclear rings of MUSE TIMER galaxies (arXiv:2010.11815)

  • Bittner, A. et al., 2020, A&A 643, 65Inside-out formation of nuclear discs and the absence of old central spheroids in barred galaxies of the TIMER survey (arXiv:2009.01856)

  • Gadotti, D.A. et al., 2020, A&A 643, 14: Kinematic signatures of nuclear discs and bar-driven secular evolution in nearby galaxies of the MUSE TIMER project (arXiv:2009.01852)

  • Leaman, R. et al., 2019, MNRAS 488, 3904Survival of molecular gas in a stellar feedback-driven outflow witnessed with the MUSE TIMER project and ALMA (arXiv:1907.13142)

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